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SNL-B Portable Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Machine


Working Principle

The treatment principle for pigmented dermatosis of the Sinco PS Laser therapy system lies in selective photothermolysis with melanin as the chromophore. Sinco PS Laser has higher Peak power and nanoseconds-level pulse width. Melanin in melanophore and cuticle-formed cells have a short hot relaxation time. It could immediately make small selectively energy-absorbed granules(tattoo pigment and melanin) blast without injuring surrounding normal tissues. The blasted pigment granules will be excreted from the body through the circulatory system.


Unprecedented innovation in laser technology

Picolaser is the world's first and only picosecond aesthetic laser: a breakthrough method to remove tattoos and benign pigment lesions. This unprecedented innovation in laser technology delivers ultra-short bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second, enabling unmatched photomechanical impact or patented PressureWave. Picolaser"s PressureWave shatters the target without injury to the surrounding skin. Even dark, stubborn blue and green inks and previously treated, recalcitrant tattoos can be removed.




1. Laser power supply is 500W, and the energy output is stable and reliable
2. Three independent modules of the circuit part:
1)Laser power supply
2)Control circuit(mainboard)
3)Display system (interface can be adapted to different screen sizes)
3. In terms of system, independent software control, which is convenient to modify and customize products
4. Adding the communication function between the handle and the host machine
5. Heat dissipation system:
1 )Integrated blow molding water tank, large capacity, no water leakage risk
2)Large range magnetic pump, fan, and condenser are used to dissipate heat, which improves heat dissipation ability and increases the energy stability and lifetime of the handle
6. Unique appearance design, improving the popularity of market products
7. Intelligent temperature and water flow protection, more secure protection for precision optical components of the handle and ensure energy stability
8. Provides a variety of language options, which are suitable to the needs of different countries and customization service is available